Lego Wimbledon.
by The Guardian.

Polaroid OneStep SX-70

The LEGO Story. 
LEGO's 80th Birthday.

Lego Gymnastics.
by The Guardian.

LEGO Top Ten Movie Moments.
by Harry Bossert.

The Courage Within.
by Nathan Sawaya.

The Royal Wedding, in Lego.
Prince William + Miss Catherine Middleton.

The Shop at Opening Ceremony.

August, 11th 2008.

Lego Football.
England v USA - World Cup 2010.

Minifigure Man in Band of Outsiders.
Black Wool Twill Suit.
Overdyed Yellow Oxford Cloth Shirt.
Bow tie.


Shirt and tie wall.

Siamese LEGO.
Other abominations here.

LEGO inspired shoes...?
by Balenciaga.
as published in Elle.

LEGO Camera.

Navy Flannel Schoolboy Blazer.
Overdyed Oxford Cloth Shirt.
Repp Tie.

Please Please LEGO.
via The Bootlego Beatles.


Jørgen Vig Knudstorp.
as interviewed by Tyler Brûlé, Monocle.

Brokeback LEGO
by Daniel Brown.

Overdyed Patch Pocket Oxford Cloth Shirt.
Cotton Corduroy Trousers.

Grey Tweed Quilted Waistcoat and Cargo Trousers.
Overdyed Oxford Cloth Shirt.
Repp Tie.

Minifigure wall.

by Nathan Sawaya.

LEGO model.
as seen at The Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Waxed Cotton Blackwatch Plaid Trenchcoat.
Tartan shirt.
Corduroy trousers.

Dawn of the LEGO.
More L.E.D. stuff here.

Road wall, looking out.

Road wall, before.

Inside the LEGO factory.
at Gizmodo.

Le vintage LEGO men.

Corduroy Suit.
Overdyed Oxford Cloth Shirt.
Repp Tie.

LEGO Generator

My heart will go LEGO.
More film stills here.
Trailers, techno, and more videos here.

Gary McIntire, our trusty Master Builder.

Cain and LEGO.
More bible fun at The Brick Testament.

Semi LEGO.

Grey Tweed Frock Coat.
Overdyed Oxford Cloth Shirt.
Bow Tie.

Fell in Love with a LEGO.

Video directed by Michel Gondry for White Stripes.

Michael Jackson's LEGO.

LEGO sushi.
via Technabob.